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Seasonal Jobs at Macy’s

Posted by | September 24, 2016 | Seasonal Jobs

Macy's by Mike Mozart from flickr for macy's

Macy’s, Inc is an American retailer that operates in 45 states, the District of Colombia, Guam, and Puerto Rico. Across these 870 stores in the United States and its territories, there are approximately 157,900 employees. Macy’s, Inc has transformed and expanded a significant amount since its inception in 1858. If you think you’d like to work at this long-time successful retailer over the holidays, keep on reading!

According to the Wall Street Journal, Macy’s hired around 85,000 seasonal employees in 2015, compared to the 86,000 in 2014 and 83,000 in 2013. As for the upcoming years, it wouldn’t be a stretch to assume Macy’s will hire over 80,000 employees each holiday season. Macy’s is dedicated to hiring people from all walks of life during the holidays – ranging from college students to retirees. Seasonal employees at Macy’s are assigned to different positions in various locations across the United States so there’s an opportunity for everyone.

Seasonal positions at Macy’s are typically part-time and require weekend availability and availability during evening and overnight shifts. Additionally, as a seasonal employee at Macy’s, you have the chance to work at different types of locations including stores, telephone call centers, distribution centers, online fulfillment centers, and even at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade depending on your preference and skill set. Because of this, positions differ from location to location, as well as the number of seasonal employees who work at different locations.

For example, the majority of seasonal hires work on the selling floor – in Macy’s stores. There is also a good number of seasonal hires that are needed at the fulfillment centers. Fewer seasonal employees are needed at the call centers and at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Here are some seasonal positions and their qualifications:

  • Seasonal store associates are responsible for great customer service, meeting sales goals, and have knowledge of the products. No experience or education is necessary.
  • Warehouse associate must receive, pack, and ship merchandise using technology such as hand-held scanners. To be a warehouse associate, you must be able to be trained to use powered equipment, lift 50 pound objects, and be trained to use fork lifts.
  • The seasonal retail receiving associate is responsible for processing merchandise that is leaving and entering the store. Education is not necessary, though you must be able to lift 30 pounds.
  • The seasonal retail merchandising associate is responsible for proper merchandising and stockroom replenishment, among other things. Like the receiving associate, no education is necessary but you must be able to lift 30 pounds.
  • The seasonal asset protection security guard is responsible for maintaining a safe environment inside the store and preventing theft. A high school diploma or an equivalent is required, as is completion of Store Agent Training. Some college is preferable.

The compensation for employees at Macy’s is relatively standard. For example, salaries for seasonal employees at Macy’s are hourly. Seasonal sales associates receive an average of $8.90 per hour for their work, while seasonal merchandising associates have an average salary of $8.20. Seasonal warehouse associates receive approximately $9 to $11 an hour. Furthermore, benefits at Macy’s include employee discounts, health benefits, retirement benefits, and you can even be in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

If you are interested in working seasonally at Macy’s, you can view job opportunities at Macy’s here. You can enter the word “seasonal” in the keyword bar and enter your location to find open positions in your area.

For more seasonal retail opportunities, check out seasonal jobs at Target.

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Seasonal Jobs in New York City

Posted by | September 11, 2016 | Seasonal Jobs

New York City by Aurelien Guichard from Flickr for NYC

You can find many different types of seasonal jobs in New York City if you know where to look. To find out about all of these great seasonal opportunities, keep reading to find information on websites that can help you hunt for seasonal jobs and the different types of jobs you have the chance to get.


There are several websites that are catered towards helping individuals find jobs. Many of these job search sites are well-known because of how useful they are for job hunting. These websites include Monster, Indeed, and SnagaJob. Craigslist, a website with all sorts of classifieds, also has postings for seasonal jobs in New York.

Types of Jobs


The City of New York is vast and has many responsibilities. Naturally, they must hire dependable people with various skills to make sure the city runs smoothly. Currently, the City has around 325,000 employees. If you’d like to join their ranks and work for the City of New York, you can search for open job positions here.

The New York State Department of Transportation also requires the help of seasonal employees. For example, in April, the NYSDOT hires Transportation Construction Inspectors. These seasonal employees have the responsibility of monitoring construction projects. You can view all open job opportunities for NYSDOT on their website.

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation is meant to enhance and protect the environment of New York, and it also hires seasonal employees. Most of the positions require eighteen year olds, though there are a few that hire sixteen year olds. Seasonal jobs for DEC include carpenter, Conservation Education Camp Counselor, engineering technician, and park attendant – a full list of the jobs and their requirements can be found here. The job application can be found here, while the instructions and special requirements are listed here.

The New York City Housing Authority also hires seasonal workers. Their goal is to provide safe, affordable housing for low to middle-income New Yorkers. While the NYCHA has a plethora of career opportunities, the seasonal jobs they offer are geared towards students. These summer jobs are provided through the Summer Youth Employment Program. This program hires New Yorkers from ages fourteen (14) to twenty-four (24) for six weeks.


The New York City Department of Parks & Recreation also hires seasonal workers. They have around 5,o00 individual properties so it’s no wonder they need extra help during the year. Different jobs require employees during different months. For example, some positions require a six month commitment starting in April. Other positions only require seasonal from May to September. Some of the seasonal positions for NYC Parks are city park worker, fitness instructor, playground associate, and even tree count data collection staff! If you are interested in being a seasonal staff member for NYC Parks, check out this link to view the open positions.

The Wildlife Conservation Society is dedicated to preserving wildlife and their habitats. Their conservation efforts have resulted in four zoos and an aquarium that are located all over New York. There are approximately 1,000 job opportunities across the five parks and elsewhere in the world, and if you so choose, you can become a seasonal employee for WCS. Seasonal positions at these parks include restaurant associate, tour guide, merchandise sales associate, and children’s zoo associate. WCS is looking for people who are dedicated to the well-being of wildlife and the park guests. You can search for job opportunities at WCS here, having the option to specify which park you’d like to work at.

Retailers and Other Stores

Retailers and other stores nationwide also hire seasonal employees during the holidays. You just have to search for your closest store locations and you’ll be able to find open positions. Retailers that hire during the holidays include Target, Walmart, and Toys “R” Us. Department stores in New York that hire seasonally include Macy’s, JCPenney, Lord + Taylor, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

You can also check out seasonal jobs in Houston.

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Seasonal FedEx Jobs

Posted by | September 4, 2016 | Fall Jobs, Holiday Jobs, Seasonal Jobs

Yvfdx_1b by Greg Goebel from Flickr for Fedex

Federal Express, or FedEx, as it’s more commonly known, has been a trusted worldwide package delivery service since it was established in 1971. As of 2016, the corporation does business in over 220 countries and territories. If you have lots of energy, like interacting with your community, and you would like to earn some extra cash during the holidays, you can join the ranks of the 400,000 FedEx employees as a seasonal employee.

Like other companies, FedEx hires tens of thousands of seasonal employees during the holiday season because of the rise of consumer demand. The holiday season typically begins around Thanksgiving – on Cyber Monday, to be exact, and lasts around twelve weeks. Over the years, FedEx has been hiring more and more seasonal employees. In 2012, FedEx hired 20,000 seasonal employees, while they hired 40,000 seasonal employees in 2013. In 2014, FedEx planned on hiring 50,000 seasonal workers.

FedEx has been lauded for being an excellent corporation over the years and is one of the best companies to work for, according to FORTUNE. Their careers are plentiful and diverse because of the many companies they have, including FedEx Express, FedEx Freight, and FedEx Office. Seasonal positions at FedEx can mean working in stores or working as a carrier.

For example, you could work as a seasonal admin temp. As a seasonal admin temp, you would work for FedEx Ground. Your responsibilities would include performing clerical and administrative functions, which can comprise of line-haul, quality assurance, and customer service. Your job will be to assist customers when their packages are damaged, incorrectly addressed, or have other such issues. To be a seasonal admin temp, you must have a high school diploma or GED, while previous clerical or customer service experience is preferred.

Additionally, you could work seasonally as a package handler in a warehouse. Your duties as a package handler would consist of loading and unloading packages. You would also have to scan and verify packages in order to sort them. To be a package handler, you must be at least eighteen years old and be able to stand for periods between two to four hours.

Other seasonal positions at FedEx include drivers and helpers. The salaries of seasonal employees differs depending on the position type and the location. For example, package handlers for FedEx usually make around $11 an hour, with the option of doing overtime for more. The benefits you can receive depend on your eligibility as an employee. You would have to work at FedEx for a certain amount of time to be eligible for all of them, but here are some of them:

  • 401(k) plan match
  • Health, dental, and vision insurance for the employee and their family
  • Vacation pay
  • Stock purchase
  • Discounts for flights and hotels

If working seasonally at FedEx appeals to you, you can search for open positions here. Be sure to complete the filters to narrow down your search since FedEx has such a wide reach. For seasonal jobs, simply type in “seasonal” in the Keyword box.

If you’d rather work for another package delivery service, check out seasonal jobs at UPS.

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Seasonal Jobs at Target

Posted by | August 28, 2016 | Seasonal Jobs

Target by Mike Mozart on Flickr for SE Target

Target is a well-known discount retailer in the United States of America. Target opened its first store in 1962, and it only continues to grow in size and popularity. Their stores are scattered across the country and serve many needs – Target sells food, furniture, toys, electronics, clothing, and more. They also have additional services inside many of their stores, including pharmacies, cafes, photo centers, and clinics. It’s no wonder Target is so popular.

Another great thing about Target is their great demand for seasonal workers during the holidays. If you’re interested in working for a retailer for some extra holiday cash, look no further. Target may just have the perfect seasonal job for you!

In the recent years, Target has been hiring 70,000 seasonal employees each fall. In 2012, Target actually hired up to 20,000 more seasonal employees during the holiday season. Hiring for seasonal employees typically begins in September, and employees work until the end of December.

However, if you really enjoyed working for Target, there’s a chance that you can turn your seasonal job into a year-round job. About 30% of seasonal team members stayed with Target in 2011 and 2012. If you would like to keep your job at Target, you can follow these easy tips to increase your chances of staying with them:

  • Be punctual – always be on time and show up for shifts
  • Be flexible – cover shifts for others to show you are dedicated
  • Go above and beyond – volunteer for tasks and don’t argue with your supervisors
  • Show enthusiasm – put in your best effort to show you appreciate and enjoy the job

The career section of the Target website is vast and helpful, including a job search, information on all of the career areas, the benefits they offer to employees, and news that has to do with Target. Among the various types of career areas in Target, there are hourly store and distribution positions. Though it is more likely that you will get hired as an hourly store team member, you could also work in a distribution center.

The seasonal positions Target hires for include sales floor team members, cashiers, backroom staff, warehouse workers, and packers. As a seasonal team member at Target, your responsibilities could involve unloading trucks, stocking shelves, setting up signs and displays, assisting customers, and unpacking products. The qualifications vary from job to job, but many of the hourly store positions only require that you are friendly and have lots of energy. Seasonal employees in distribution centers, such as packers, must be able to use scanning technology and be able to carry up to 30 pounds throughout a shift. Warehouse workers need to be able to carry a bit more – the qualification is that employees must be able to carry up to 60 pounds. They must also complete a Physical Abilities test.

Seasonal employees only get a 10% employee discount. However, if you become a part-time or full-time team member at the end of the holidays, you can get more benefits. You would get access to these benefits if you work at least 30 hours a week and have worked for Target for six consecutive months. Some of these benefits are:

  • 401(k) plan
  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Discount for fresh foods
  • Career benefits

The average salaries of seasonal employees do not vary too much from the salaries of permanent employees. However, here are some of the average salaries for different seasonal positions:

  • Cashier – $8.97
  • Team member – $9.74
  • Sales associate – $8.87

You can search for open positions across the U.S. here and find the application portal for Target here. You can also enter certain keywords – for example, you can enter “seasonal” to only view seasonal jobs.

For information on finding seasonal jobs, check out this post.

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Seasonal UPS Jobs

Posted by | August 7, 2016 | Seasonal Jobs

Mercedes UPS truck by Chris Sobczak from Flickr for SE

Every year throughout the United States, UPS hires massive numbers of seasonal employees during the winter holidays. If you’re comfortable working in a fast-paced environment and would like some extra cash during the holidays, you might want to work as a seasonal employee of UPS. Working as a seasonal employee for UPS also gives you the opportunity to grow closer to your hometown community and form close bonds.


In 1907, UPS began as a messenger service in Seattle, Washington. It is now the largest package delivery service in the world and operates in 220 countries. As demand for deliveries grows during the holiday seasons, UPS hires many seasonal employees throughout the country. The exact number of seasonal hires differs from location to location, but over 1,000 people can be hired in a single city.

Types of Jobs

UPS hires for several different seasonal positions including driver helpers, package handlers, and even drivers. You can be employed by UPS within your own community or at your hometown airport.

Driver helpers and package handlers typically work from Monday through Friday, three to four hours a day. Your job as a driver helper or package handler would be to make deliveries with the same driver everyday. This gives you the opportunity to establish a relationship with your driver and gain knowledge of UPS as a company. The driver will give you a location and time to meet everyday so the two of you can make deliveries together.

Drivers are the so-called face of UPS. As a driver, you will safely pick up and deliver packages while operating a vehicle. Drivers also work Monday through Friday and work approximately four hours a day.


You must be able to carry, lower, and slide packages that weigh from 25 to 70 pounds for any of these three positions. Customer service skills are also paramount to UPS, as the company prides itself on its impeccable service.

However, if you would like to be a driver, you must have passed a DOT physical exam and be able to operate a standard transmission vehicle. You may also need a commercial drivers license or Department of Transportation certifications. It is also common for drivers to be at least 21 years old.

You can view the specific qualifications within each job description in the UPS job search.

Pay and Benefits

Pay depends on the area in which you are working, but will most likely range from $10 to $18 an hour. Package handlers might also get weekly bonuses in addition to their hourly salary.

UPS offers many benefits such as medical, vision, dental, life insurance, discount stock purchasing plans, and spending accounts after working with them for twelve months. They also offer a program called TAP, which assists their employees with their college tuition. Additionally, UPS offers another program called Earn & Learn, which allows part-time employees to receive money towards their college education.


You can search for open seasonal positions on the UPS website here. Applying for a job is easy – all you have to do is find an open position in your local area and click on it. After finding an applicable position, click “apply now.” If you do not already have an account, you will have to make one.

To check out a post on becoming a truck driver, click here.

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Working up the line to Chef

Posted by | March 2, 2016 | Seasonal Jobs

chefs develop recipes and run restaurants

If you aspire to be a chef, you can start by taking a course, or you can attempt to work up. Working from the ground up will give you a lot of practical experience when you do become a chef. If you are still in highschool when you decide you want to be a chef, you should take advantage to any classes available at your school. You’ll want to take diverse classes such as math, and English, but also study business, food handling and cooking if those classes are available. High School is also a great time to get your first restaurant job and start learning skills you can use later.

Working your way up through the ranks requires you to get an entry level job at a restaurant. Usually this means you will be a dishwasher, or busboy. You’ll be responsible for cleaning up after everyone else, but you’ll also get to spend time in and around the kitchen and observe experienced chefs doing what they do best. You’ll also learn important skills that will help you interact with others in the culinary field.

If you are very good at your job, you may eventually get the chance to become a chef’s assistant. This position is a small step up from dishwashing, but this will give you the chance to start learning how to properly handle food. You’ll be learning knife skills as you chop and peel vegetables, and you’ll be learning how to work alongside others in the restaurant. If you get good at preparing ingredients, you may be tasked with making soups, salads, or maybe appetizers under the supervision of one of the chefs.

If you excel in your chef’s assistant position, you may eventually be offered the chance to be a line cook. Line cooks usually work in one area of the kitchen, such as the grill, though they may rotate around depending on the demand coming from the customers in the restaurant.

Chefs restaurantExperienced line cooks can eventually become sous chefs. The sous chef is second in command in the kitchen. They not only participate in the cooking, but also supervise the other chefs to some degree. They also may contribute to the menu and develop recipes.

It’s possible you will be perfectly happy as a line cook, or sous chef, but if you really want to excel in the food business, you’ll have to become an executive chef. It’s possibly restaurants seeking executive chefs will require you to have taken training from a community college or trade school. Programs like this are beneficial to almost anyone seeking employment in the culinary field because it will give you concentrated teaching on cooking, food safety, and food presentation so you’ll be able to present your customers with tasty food that is presented in an attractive format. If you aspire to be an executive chef, you should definitely consider taking part in a training program.

As an executive chef, you’ll be responsible for everything in the restaurant. You’ll plan the menu, choose the ingredients for each dish, and manage which recipes each chef should use. You’ll also be responsible for ordering supplies for the kitchen, which will require good organizational skills, and a good knowledge of what your guests order, and when. To make the best use of your ingredients, you’ll plan specials to use things in a timely fashion, and to possibly get guests to try new dishes. While your servers will be the face of the restaurant, you will be the face of the food. People come to restaurants because of the atmosphere, and the food. Making the food great will bring them back again and again.

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5 Health and Safety Issues in the Working Environment and How to Deal with them

Posted by | January 24, 2016 | Seasonal Jobs

Yahoo office Barcelona by Christian Heilmann on Flickr

Yahoo office Barcelona by Christian Heilmann on FlickrKeeping everyone healthy and safe in your workplace, even those with disabilities is paramount. That being said, you should ensure that health issues, safety issues and welfare facilities are taken care of.

Health Issues

A healthy workplace is paramount to the success and productivity of your business. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that your working environment remains healthy to all people. Aspects of ventilation, suitable lighting, roomy stations, clean workstations and temperature control need to be implemented.

Safety Issues

Safety is also key to a successful business. In regards to this, install windows that can be opened, ensure that floors and traffic routes are free from obstacles and ensure the premises and equipment are properly maintained. Also, any glass doors should be properly labelled with a sticker and made of safety glass.

Welfare Issues

To maintain the wellbeing of your workplace, it is important to have hand basins, soaps, towels, hand dryers and restrooms. Ideally, it is best to provide clean drinking water, a communal area where people can eat or rest as well as a place to store clothing.

First Aid

It is also important to implement first aid in a working environment. As an employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your workers are able to receive immediate attention if they happen to be injured or fall sick for any reason.

A first aid kit can save lives and the fact that accidents can happen at any time make it even more crucial to have one. It’s also a good idea to have people take a first aid training course. However, your first aid procedure will depends on various circumstances and so, there is need to make a full assessment of your company’ first aid requirements.

At the very least, the law requires every workplace to have a fully stocked first aid kit as well as the appointment of an individual who can be able to charge of any situation that requires medical attention. Once you’ve made the first aid arrangements, it is your duty to let every employee know of the expected protocol. It’s also important that you keep a log of accidents and injuries that have occurred on the company’s premises. Keeping a log of these incidents helps the company when it comes to risk assessment for insurance purposes and allows you identify any patterns of injuries and accidents.

Fire Safety

This is another major aspect to be considered when attempting to make the workplace a safe place. Here are some good tips. Most fires can be prevented and it is the duty of the employer to make a fire risk assessment. Based on the fire risk assessment results, you should ensure that the appropriate and adequate fire measure are taken so that you can reduce the risk of injuries or loss of staff in case of a fire outbreak.

To assist you on this, the fire risk assessment should show what could potentially start a fire. This includes all sources of ignition, materials that burn or flammable substances ad well as individuals who might be at risk. Once you have done this, take the proper actions to control them. Consider if these risks are avoidable or whether they can be reduced if they are unavoidable.

Ideally, you will need to put into consideration how you’ll protect the staff if there’s a fire. This involves the introduction as well as maintenance of fire precautions that include fire extinguishers, fire doors, emergency lighting, escape routes, fire drills implementation(at least once a year), and safety signage. Fire training should also be conducted so that people know what to do in case of a fire outbreak in the workplace.

Image: Yahoo office Barcelona by Christian Heilmann on Flickr

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Helping Small Businesses Send Packages

Posted by | December 31, 2015 | Holiday Jobs, Seasonal Jobs

Package to be send in the mail

All around you there are small businesses. You may not even realize they are there. Some are in homes, others are in business parks, others are in the white trucks that drive around that say things like “Electrical” or “Plumbing” or “Installer”. Small businesses really drive the economy just as much as the massive businesses with tens of thousands of employees. What this really means for you as a seasonal job searcher is that you have the opportunity to get employed by small businesses just like large businesses. One specific category of businesses that always need help are eCommerce retailers since they are mailing and shipping products on a regular basis. Their business is also seasonal (though it might not be around the holidays) so they need help on a regular basis. The task is to find on that needs it.

Case Study:

Mystery Potato is in the gag gift business. As you can see from the website, they send personalized products to people all over North America. Their primary product is potatoes and they sell glitter bombs and aphrodisiacs as well. The idea of the business is to capture the attention of folks looking to send a unique gift and convert that into a sale. That is where you come in.

You might be a customer but that’s not what we are talking about here. MysteryPotato needs to fulfill orders. Though this seems simple it can take significant time to do. It involves steps like checking the address, buying and printing postage, personalizing the product, packaging the product, and taking a trip to the post office. These are the things we think about easily but there are other aspects to the business as well. They have to stock their products, maintain a website, purchase materials used for shipping, fight with their computer when it is being a problem, interact with the social following, and the list goes on.

The opportunity for you is that a small business like this probably needs some help during the year. The owners have rush times, probably around holiday’s or when a picture of a potato goes viral. If you are willing to work for a market rate near minimum wage you can get in the door easily.

What Skills Do I Need?

The most important skills will vary a bit from business to business and owner to owner. There are some that will come in very handy… here is a list:

  • Simple computer skills
  • Simple social media experience
  • The ability to package something well

Additionally, there are some traits that are very, very important including:

  • You need to be on time for work! It doesn’t matter that your car had trouble
  • You need to be able to communicate clearly
  • You need to learn when you make mistakes
  • You need to be flexible

If you think that something like this might be for you then there is an opportunity for you to find work just about anywhere because these small businesses are located almost everywhere! Take a look around you for these businesses which you might not have noticed before and see how far you can take it. An entry level seasonal job can quickly become a full time position if you have the right stuff!


Image: package! by Beck Gusler on Flickr

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7 Companies That You Can Start Up And Run In Your Spare Time

Posted by | December 5, 2015 | Seasonal Jobs, Summer Jobs

I voted by Ginny


Landscaping And Lawn Care

This seasonal work can be quite lucrative when you find home owners who are short on time and want someone to take care of mowing their lawn so they don’t have to do it. If you have a lawnmower, you can start this business inexpensively just by printing business cards and flyers. To excel, you must like being outside. In addition, the operation can be scaled to become much bigger over time.

Home And Office Cleaning Service

There is always a need to clean whenever you have people. You can focus on cleaning businesses or find homes that need to be cleaned. It only costs as much as the cost of printing some fliers and buying your cleaning supplies to get started. Most businesses want their facilities cleaned on the weekends or in the evenings. However, cleaning homes can be done as a regular nine to five job since most people want their homes cleaned while they are at work.

Running Errands For People

You can head out into your community and help people by running errands for them. Reach out to people who are either housebound or who don’t have much time to run their own errands.

Handyman Service: If you know how to spackel, do simple electrical repairs, or fix a rain gutter, then you can make use of those home improvement skills into a lucrative side business. Before you start, find out if your state requires any licenses or permits.

Become A Virtual Assistant

If you like keeping people on a schedule, posting to social media, weeding through emails, and organizing business affairs, you can provide help to busy small business owners who are overwhelmed with the task of building their business but need occasional help with paperwork. In order to maintain contact with your clients, you need a solid connection to the Internet and a up-to-date computer with office programs installed on it.


If you have had more than one career, your work experience may qualify you for work as a consultant. You can return to your former industry and offer your skills as a paid consultant. Use the contacts that you have made when you were actively employed in the industry to find work.


Students of all ages will appreciate your skills as a private tutor in the subject areas that you excelled at in school. In addition, older learners often need help when they first return to school. All that is necessary to start this business are some marketing materials.

Blogging and Internet Influencing

This is a relatively new field and one that takes some time to build yourself up in to. The idea is that your online presence, if you have a really strong one, is an asset that companies can pay for access to. Your day to day work involves writing blog posts, posting to social media, and working with companies that want to advertise to your audience.

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How to Become a Tour Guide

Posted by | November 25, 2015 | Fall Jobs, Seasonal Jobs, Summer Jobs


If have a love and talent for public speaking, memorization, and communicating with people, becoming a tour guide might be the right path for you. All of these factors are crucial in making a good tour guide, though there are also other steps involved.

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