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Seasonal Halloween Jobs

Posted by | September 16, 2010 | Seasonal Jobs

The spookiest holiday of the year, Halloween is also a time to make a bit of extra cash. In a rough economy, there is always room for hiring at the various Halloween-specific events around town. So anyone who needs a part-time job that’s not scheduled to last for more than a couple of weeks will be thrilled with the options that fall brings.

Before Halloween, those living in more rural areas where hay rides or corn mazes might be a popular weekend activity can find work locally. Whether it’s working at a orchard while people pick their own apples, being one of the creepy creatures in a corn maze, or simply lending an extra hand during a town Halloween party, there are plenty of jobs out there. And after you land one Halloween gig, it might be easier to pick up some extra work in future years.

By far, the biggest moneymaker around Halloween is work in any of the various haunted houses that start popping up around the country. While some might have long-standing casts, chances are that there is a need for some extra help. Be sure to establish when you will be paid, and check around among friends to see if anyone has previous work experience with your particular outfit. Because these things can sometimes come and go, it’s important to make sure that you are going to get paid. Be assertive and choose a reliable employer is an important step in joining the workforce.

Those outgoing people who enjoy being the center of attention will find that acting as ghost tour guides might be a perfect fit, too. Many companies that provide ghost tours year-round end up adding staff to handle the demand around the Halloween season. If you’re good at memorizing lines and enjoy talking to groups of people, this is a great seasonal position. Best of all, there are often tips involved with ghost tour guiding, and that means a bit of extra income in addition to an hourly salary.

More reserved or shy people might prefer dressing up as monsters or ghosts and hiding in the haunted house itself, a job that involves scaring people with restraint. If you’re a bit of a class clown, this might not be the best position for you if you cannot exercise proper judgment. Scaring teens is one thing, but terrifying youngsters might get you fired. Be sure to pay close attention to your manager’s instructions, and give the performance that is deigned appropriate.

Halloween is also a time when retail outlets sometimes add a bit of extra help. Whether it’s finding that local costume rental store or simply checking out whether or not various mall spots are hiring, doing a bit of research at the beginning of October can result in a job by the end of the month.

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